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Welcome to Margate Primary School


In our response to COVID-19 and supporting our students who are self-isolating and therefore missing school, we have developed a variety of home learning materials and resources to support students with their learning at home during this time. These learning packs contain learning activities and resources around the areas of:

  • Maths,
  • English,
  • Social–Emotional Learning,
  • Inquiry,
  • Fitness,
  • and Hands On Learning.

We hope that you and your child/ren find these packs and learning materials easy to access, use and learn from. Class teachers will notify you via Seesaw message or email with information about which pack your child/ren should download and use at home. The packs are designed to use over an approximately 2 week time frame. There is no an expectation that all activities are finished.                                                        Students and families are encouraged to do what they can do, when they can while still having time for other important learning and relaxation within the family home. If you require a hard copy of a learning pack, please contact the school office ( if you haven't yet notified the school, so one can be made available for collection.

We encourage students to record their home learning in one exercise book (apart from art activities). If students require an exercise book please be in touch and one will be left for pick up from the school. Those who download the home learning pack are also encouraged to use an exercise book at home to record their learning. If you are collecting a hard copy learning pack there will be an exercise book in the pack. Stationary can also be requested if you do not have access to this at home.

THRASS charts are avaialble for purchase from the school office. Please let us know if you require one so we can arrange for collection.

OXFORD Word Wall (1-200): This has been included in packs and is available to download below. This can be a good support for students during writing activities.

Number Line and Number chart: These have also been included in packs and is also available to download below. These are useful aides to have when students have number based learning activities. There is also an attachment added about 100-chart activities below.

HOME LEARNING CYCLE- In Connection with the teacher

This 7 step cycle provides a range of strategies and tips to support you, to support your child with learning from home and we hope you find this resource useful, not just now but into the future HOME LEARNING CYCLE


For Children Birth-3 please visit:

Home Learning Pack KINDER:

Home Learning Pack A: LFH_Continuing_Level_A_Pack_1.pdf

Home Learning Pack B:LFH_Continuing_Level_B_Pack_1.pdf

Home Learning Pack C:LFH_Continuing_Level_C_Pack_1.pdf

Home Learning Pack D: LFH_Continuing_Level_D_Pack_1.pdf

Home Learning Pack E: LFH_Continuing_Level_E_Pack_1_.pdf

Home Learning Pack F: LFH_Continuing_Level_F_Pack_1_.pdf




Our Home Learning Packs have been provided for our students’ educational use during the COVID-19 outbreak and no further copies should be made unless permission is sought from Margate Primary School.

Appendices for these packs are accessible for the Margate Primary School community and are included in the hard copy pack. For other schools we recommend the following teacher resources, available for purchase online.

Sheena Cameron has a range of practical resources to support literacy teaching, available to

purchase from

THRASS (Teaching Handwriting, Reading and Spelling Skills) resources to teach the building blocks

of reading and spelling, available from

Rob Vingerhoets explores open-ended maths inquiry with the philosophy “Maths is Fun!”, with 

range of free and paid resources available from

Resources for subsequent packs will be added to our list.

We hope you enjoy these home learning activities and the conversations about learning they will bring.

Department of Education - Learning at Home resource update:  

Information for parents/carers to support learning at home is available on the Learning at Home page on the Department of Education website, this will continue to be added to over time. These include everyday activities based around the home, as well as ways to support learning and wellbeing of learners.


Our school has a strong image of all children as competent and capable of learning and constructing their knowledge by being curious, creative and determined to deepen their understanding. Our school values a thinking culture which challenges and engage students in meaningful learning. We believe children make meaning of their word through being exposed to a range of rich experiences and for them to be passionate about their learning

  • We want our children to be curious and to thinkphoto.jpg
  • We want our children to be kind and respectful
  • We want our children to be connected to each other
  • We want our children to be courageous and have a growth mindset 

At Margate Primary School, learning happens through quality teaching and learning experiences – Academic, Social and Emotional Learning, Health and Wellbeing and the Arts. Our school staff plan, collaborate and have high expectations.  Our staff have created an environment where curiosity, creativity, excellence and a passion for learning thrives and where human connections flourish and are nurtured.

We work in partnership with families and this has resulted in a high level of collaboration and cooperation with our parent community to improve outcomes for all children – birth to year 6.  We provide high quality support for families as well as engaging our families in their child’s learning through many school based initiatives.

We have a strong commitment to continue our work in being a sustainable school and this includes a whole school approach to reducing waste, in particular plastics. For that reason we are aiming for ‘wrapper free’ lunch boxes where every child has reusable containers for their lunches.

We know that all members of the community value kindness above all other values and will be strong advocates for this value to guide our actions. Wellbeing is critical and we will continue to build our students social skills and their emotional understanding of themselves and others.  As our school continues to grow in achievement, recognition and strength, we look forward to our journey together to continue to support the growth of flourishing and resilient young people.

 “If a child can’t learn the way we teach, maybe we should teach the way they learn.” Ignacio Estrada

Check out Margate Primary School's illustrations of practice from the Australian Curriculum website